How It Works

The internet is a wonderful place for swapping and improving ideas - it's also a great place for self serving memories. How many of your friends saw the 2008 financial crisis coming in any real way? How many of them said they did after it happened?

The internet is not that good at accountability. We want to change that.

So how does it work?

  1. You sign up for an account
  2. We ask real quantifiable questions with right and wrong answers.  For instance, "Will Russia invade Latvia by Dec 31st, 2013?" or "Will the S & P 500 close over $15,000 by Feb 10,2015?"
  3. You answer - you can also submit questions for the community to answer
  4. We keep track of what happens and award points
  5. We have a running list of prediction champions - by any and all categories (best economics predictor, best political, etc.)
  6. The intellectual internet gets feedback on how well they see the world

Little by little, the internet will be a better place.

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