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By 2027, by popular consensus, Halloween will be celebrated on the last Saturday of October instead of the October 31st. 11/30/2021 11/12/2025 1
The technological singularity will occur in the first half of the 21st century 12/31/2050 12/31/2049 1
Will the state of Georgia pass a bill to legalize marijuana by 2022? 12/31/2022 12/1/2021 0
Will the Crimean Peninsula be held by Ukraine on January 1, 2023? 1/1/2023 12/1/2022 0
Will the Russian military occupy any part of the Donbas region on January 1st 2023? 1/1/2023 12/1/2022 0
Will Russian troops enter any part of Poland, for any period of time in 2022? 1/1/2023 12/1/2022 0
Will China attempt any military action against Taiwan in 2022? 1/1/2023 12/1/2022 0
Will the US Government succesfully block Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter before the end of 2022? 11/1/2022 12/1/2022 0
Texas will institute mandatory statewide mass shooter training for all law enforcement officers by the August 1, 2022 8/1/2022 6/20/2022 0
In rationalist circles AI Risk/Alignment will be memory holed and the concept will shift to generalized existential threats from human factors. 8/1/2027 2/1/2027 0
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